Maxime Chouinard

Maxime started to practice martial arts in 1997 with Kyokushin karate and kenjutsu. He started to delve into HEMA around 2004, and focused on 19th century martial arts. In 2007 he traveled to Ireland to learn bataireacht, and started his club in Quebec City in 2009. Maxime’s experience in martial arts touches many different styles, from boxing to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
He now lives in Kingston Ontario where he teaches Hyoho Niten Ichi Ryu and Bataireacht and trains with the Kingston Broadsword Academy and Cutting Edge Fencing.

He studies antique swords and especially sabres, having a good collection of his own. Moreover, he participated in several international meetings, with great workshops, giving always a great approach to the reality of fighting with any weapon he handles. His knowledge makes us glad to have him in the event.

Maxime is the head instructor of Antrim Bata, a traditional style of Irish stick Fighting. He maintains a blog on Historical Martial Arts called “I Don’t do Longsword” where he discusses the history and sociology of martial arts. In his daily life, Maxime works as a curator at the Museum of Health Care.