Jérôme Paupe

Jérôme has been training in HEMA since 2007 in the club of “La Compagnie Médiévale”, in Montréal. He began with the longsword of the Liechtenauer tradition, the polearm from the treaty of “le jeu de la hache” and the sword and buckler from the I.33 treaty. In 2010 he starts doing full plate armor combat and even took part in competitions. He kept practicing both armored combat and HEMA for three years. After some thought, he stopped practicing armored combat to focus more seriously on his study of the longsword and sword and buckler. He started teaching I.33 at this time. In 2015, he started supervising trainings for tournaments. Right now, he does individual coaching, teaches I.33 and experiments with various weapons (rapier, mortuary sword, quarter staff).
He participates usually in international tournaments and events achieving high results and good performing. Moreover he participated and gave several workshops in known events. Among the people of his club he is the best reference for sword and buckler and he is always encouraging people to discover and appreciate this style.