André Hajjar

André has been always a passionate for martial arts. Judo and Sidpalki (from Wushu) have taught him great human values, such as respect and modesty, which are crucial rules in all martial arts types.
In 2008, Mr. Hajjar entered in the Ancient Fencing club called “Associació Esgrima Antiga de Santpedor”. He gladly says that, in his first class, he participated in a sparring fight. In Santpedor, he learned the Verdadera Destreza style for a Rapier sword. This martial art was practiced in the country, following the treatises of old teachers like: Luis Pacheco de Narvaez and Jerónimo Sanchez de Carranza. In the same club, he learned from those two principal teachers. Thanks to his instructor, Sendo Espinalt, Mr. Hajjar learned about the fight mentality and the combat spirit, applicable to all situations of life. Following his training, from his second instructor, Aleix Basullas, a passionate for Lorenz de Rada’s techniques, Mr. Hajjar got the purest technical aspects of the Verdadera Destreza.
In 2011, without much success, Mr. Hajjar participated in the Swordfish international HEMA tournament, in Sweden. However, he realized that a lonely-style accurate technique is not enough to fight against other kinds of old fencing styles practiced nowadays. Hence, back home, he started training and learning from other techniques outside of the Verdadera Destreza in order to complete with the rapier style, using different modes. A couple of years later, he started teaching the newcomers of the club and, in 2015, Mr. Hajjar co-founded a new club of fencing called “AEA Catalunya Central”.
In 2016, André moved to Canada and assisted to different HEMA clubs, such as Arte Dimicatoria and Escrime Nouvelle-France. A year later, he became rapier instructor of the HEMA club of Montreal called la Compagnie Médiévale, managing classes of over 30 students. Since then, he has been teaching his own rapier style, closer to the treatises of the old teachers Antonio Manuel de Brea, a fencer who applied the old Destreza to small sword.
Mr. Hajjar performed several workshops, exhibitions and mastered symposiums in Spain, Canada, USA and Mexico. He also won several International tournaments in different countries, but he prefers not to mention them, since the real art cannot be limited to rules and judgments.