Kévin Cote

Like many of us, Kévin was initially introduced to fencing through a sport program during his college years.

Due to his professional endeavours he was forced to stop for some time, but he  picked the Sword up again about a decade ago where he discovered Historical Fencing. After wandering a bit, trying out different mainstream styles (Rapier, Longsword, Sword & Buckler), Kévin fell in love with French Smallsword which became his main focus over the years.

In 2015 Escrime Nouvelle France was founded to promote the Traditional Fencing Arts of the New World; including French Smallsword, Scottish Broadsword, early Contre-Pointe (or Shearing Sword) & some French Cane. In the Summer of 2016, Kévin teamed up with Escrime Mont Royal of Montreal (The oldest, still running, fencing club in Canada) and has since been the Head Instructor of their Traditional Fencing Program, offering group & individual lessons in the aforementioned styles.

Kévin has carried out workshops in Edinburgh at the Smallsword Symposium; in Baltimore at the American Smallsword Symposium; and has also been involved in a few translation projects: notably Philip T. Crawley’s edition of the Art of the Smallsword, a Translation & Expansion of P.J.F. Girard Treatise of Arms.

This Year, Kévin will present us a workshop on French Contre-Pointe, a cut and thrust fencing system close to the english spadroon.

The following short document (in English and in French) will allow you to have a broad overview of the weapon and an idea of the workshop content.

Syllabus Contre Pointe – EN

Syllabus Contre Pointe – FR