This year, the Montréal Sword Meisters will host five competitions :

  • Steel Open Longsword : This classic of HEMA tournament welcomes everyone answering the requirements in equipment and having the appropriate training to handle its intensity.
  • Nylon Open Longsword : This competition is more oriented to beginners and intermediate fencers having a limited experience of tournaments
  • Sword & Buckler : This is the good place to express your love of i.33 or bolognese sideswords. This is not a mixed-weapon category. Off-hand is mandatory and shall be a small shield, maximum 15″ wide. Late light rapiers with complex hilts are not allowed.
  • Rapier & dagger : This will be the rapier category of the event. Off-hand dagger is advised since your opponent may keep it even if you don’t. Sideswords may join.
  • Sword alone : This new category of 2019 is aimed to all the fans of sabers, baskethilts and the likes. No Off-hand or rapiers are allowed. Just you, your sword and another fencer in the same situation.

For more informations, please consult the rules