What is SPES Historical Fencing Gear? We are just as passionate as you are. In the beginning, we made clothes and arming garments for Medieval re-enactors. Lately, we have decided to expand our services to include the lovers of historical fencing. This community grows year on year and its members increase their exploration of the arcana of fencing based on the historical treaties. SPES Historical Fencing Gear came into existence with the idea of enhancing your safety during training in the Historic European Martial Arts.
The first piece of protective equipment that we designed was produced in 2007 for the needs of the Fechtschule Gdansk in cooperation with Andrzej Zmuda Trzebiatowski and Jan Chodkiewicz. Since then, we have been collaborating with various fencing schools from Poland and Sweden in the process of designing and testing our products. We rely on our many years of experience in designing and producing arming garments.
Products designed by us are created according to your needs. That is why, we are constantly gathering information and suggestions from fencing schools about their expectations of the protective equipment used during combat. This knowledge is a base which we use to design new and to modify old protectors to make them safer and more functional. When you visit our website, you may be sure that the products you see there have already passed combat tests!
Thanks to close cooperation with users of our protective gear (ourselves included), our products let you feel safer and more comfortable while fighting, and let you enjoy the combat without needing to worry about safety.