Regenyei Armory



I consider making swords as a living history research. Besides exploring the secret of European medieval weapons, I learn and teach in a HEMA school in Hungary as well.
The modern weapons on this website are made by me, including museum replicas and own designs, to which the foundations are also historical. The shape and characteristics of these swords are based on historical research, I used pictures from codexes and manuscripts, paintings, graphics or genuine swords from museums.

I was glad to exchange experience with several well-known sword smiths, and we share the basic revelation, that no matter the form of the original sword, the movement characteristics are same or very alike. There is some kind of hidden system, which was extensively used by medieval smiths to create fencing swords.

There are several typical points, curves, weight ratio along the blade, which have to obey the rules of fencing. My aim is to reveal this hidden knowledge and use it in my works.

Swords are wonderful tools: you have to touch them, handle them to really understand how sophisticated weapons they are.
Every time I make a sword I look for the same feeling one can experience wielding a museal piece or a high quality modern replica. A good sword is light, delicate and moves effortlessly.