Darksword Armory



Whereas our main expertise is the forge of Medieval Swords and Medieval Armors, we also forge Renaissance Rapiers, daggers, stilettos, and Fantasy Swords or inspirational pieces based on medieval swords found in various museums and private collections.
Although all our swords are hand forged, we do not forge samurai swords, also known as Katana. The techniques used to forge Samurai swords are quite different than those used by the western world. As such, all the samurai swords or katanas sold on our site are made by Akio Hattari, a Japanese bladesmith now living in China. The Samurai swords or Katanas, wakizashis and Tantos are forged with 1095 High Carbon Steel.

Our medieval swords are Hand Forged with 1060 High Carbon steel. The blades are Tempered to a Rockwell of 53. All our blades are oil hardened. The metallurgical content of our blades is:
C: 0.65% – 0.75%
Mn: 0.30%
Cr: 0.60% – 1.20%
Ni: 1.25% – 2.00%
Mo: 0.35%
Si: 0.50%

Darksword Armory forges a wide collection of items, with the majority of work composed from the Medieval and Renaissance eras. Our goal is to recreate the look and feel of the original in all respects. Our constant commitment to quality blade smithing and authenticity has made us popular with museums, collectors, and re-enactment groups around the world.