Julie Olson

Julie Olson is Senior Instructor at Athena School of Arms. Julie began her HEMA journey in 2013 after watching Athena members give a demonstration at a local sci-fi/fantasy convention. An accomplished sport fencer, she quickly quit that game and began studying German Longsword full time. Julie has a passion for sword fighting, physical fitness, and encouraging people of all ages and walks of life to try HEMA. Julie regularly teaches Longsword, Italian Baton, and Italian Dueling Sabre, and enjoys traveling to other events around the country teaching, coaching, and competing. Julie is Manager of the New England Sword Gathering, a league for Northeast HEMA clubs; and Event Director of Iron Gate Exhibition, the largest HEMA Tournament in the Northeast USA.

Workshop description:

Students will be introduced to Giuseppe Cerri’s Baton (two-handed stick) fighting method. While this weapon is regaining popularity in Europe as a sport “fencing” weapon, its roots are from peasantry self-defense. The class will teach the basics of the weapon, including movement, attacks, parries, and tactics against multiple opponents. If time allows, we’ll explore how to use this weapon against other types of weapons.