Registrations ARE open !

COVID-19 Update

The tournament is postponed to November 6th to November 8th, 2020. Please note that this date is not final and we will only be certain of them when life regains a semblance of normalcy. We will set them in stone as soon as we can ! As for your registration, we can hold your payment and your spot for the event or issue a refund. If you have any questions, concerns or doubts, we will gladly adress them. Please contact us through the contact page !

But all tournaments except for nylon longsword are now on waiting list.
We hope to open some new places within the next week. You can still register to any competiton at the moment, you will simply be put on a waiting list, and pay for the pack equivalent to the number of tournaments you’re confirmed as signed up, ie. not on waiting list. If a place becomes free, which always happens, we will inform in the order the persons on the waiting list and upgrade their entry package accordingly.

We welcome everyone, from the scholars wanting only to take part to workshops and exchange knowledge with fellow students to the warmongers wanting to take part to all competitions.

Like last year, the entry to the event will be sold by itself or packed with a certain number of tournament participations (be careful, we have limited tournament places !). Note that lunch will not be provided for participants who did not order a lunch bag during the registration. You can however still order it now to add to your registration, just contact us by mail.

Please follow one of the links below :

Registration Form (English)

Formulaire d’inscription (Français)

Rogue Pack


Risk is not your daily bread and butter, but you are eager to learn and share with your kindreds. Choose the Rogue Pack to get access to the event workshops and free practice area ! 50$

Duellist Pack


You love your blade, your technique, your manuscript and only one of each, gathered into a holy eternal trinity ? Then the duellist pack allows you to demonstrate its superiority to the whole world, or at least those present in Montréal.  Choose the Duellist Pack to get access to the event workshops, free practice area and take part in the competition of your choice. 100$

Warrior Pack


Your strengh residing in muscles, wits, instinct or all of them allows you to be versatile enough with several weapons ? A warrior like you will certainly not stop at only one blade ! Choose the Warrior Pack to get access to the event workshops, free practice area and take part in two competitions of your choice. 140$

Meister Pack (Sold out !)


You don’t need a ridiculous golden crown and spiky beard to shine, you are light incarnated, the god of fencers descending among mere humans to show your flock how things are done ? Choose the Meister Pack to get access to the event workshops, free practice area and take part in any three competitions among the five available. Yes, nothing is too much for a Meister. 170$