Required Gear for competition


Gear requirements below are given explicitly to decrease the risk of injury to which the participants are exposed. Nonetheless, historical fencing is in essence a contact sport, and this risk will never be fully eliminated. In consequence, each registered participant is held responsible of the good condition of his equipment, to be insured in case an injury occurs (sustained or inflicted), but also to have the sufficient skills and physical fitness.

The organization of the Montréal Sword Meisters decline all responsibilities in case of injury to a person on site, but also in case of theft or damaging of the participants equipment or personal belongings.


 It is mandatory to have all the weapons tips covered by leather or plastic. The weapons shall not present sharp edges or unprotected sharp angles. The length of the blades is limited by the tournament rules. The organization decision prevails over the use of non-flexible blades, or over-sized weapons. Please communicate with us beforehand. All weapons must pass the check-out of the organization before the tournament participation.

Steel longsword:

The steel longswords will be brought by the combatants. Feder types are advised. The weight must not exceed 1.8 kilograms. The blade length limit is 106 cm. (42’’). All blades should have certain degree of flexibility in order to avoid injuries in case of thrust.

Nylon longswords:

They will be provided by the MSM organization team.

Rapiers & Sideswords with off-hand daggers:

The blades should not exceed 106 cms (42 inches) from the ricasso. The blade should have certain degree of high flexibility to avoid injuries.

The off-hand blades are allowed to be less flexible, but an improper use causing the harm of the opponent would not be tolerated. The length of the blade should not pass 51cm (20’’).

Arming swords/backswords/Sabres:

Only these three categories of swords will be available in the mix weapon tournament, accompanied with targe, buckler or scabbard (in the latter case hits on the hands will be counted as an extremity hit, 1 point. A scabbard may be replaced by a stick of the same size).


Head and neck:

– Fencing mask 1600 N FIE standard or higher in fair conditions. Occipital protection is a must. Full steel helmets for HEMA use are also allowed. In case of doubt contact the organization.

– Lower mask standard (800N or 1000N) may be tolerated upon explicit agreement from MSM organization. For Steel longsword however, a padded cap must be used under.

– For Nylon longsword a fencing mask of 350 N is allowed.


For steel are accepted are accepted steel or other protections similar to the following formats:

SPES Heavy Absolute Force,
Sparring Gloves Black Lance
Neyman Fencing (hoof, heavy montoya, lobster…) Comfort Fencing
St. Mark

If your protection is made of metal or has metal on it, any hit with it will not be tolerated and will have yellow or red penalty depending on the case. Lacrosse or Red dragon are ONLY approved for the Nylon longsword. They may be approved for steel  with the addition of rigid parts, not only the finger tips, but must be accepted by the organization first.

For other weapons, lighter gloves are accepted for weapons offering good hand protection. (rapiers with swept/ cup/ pappenheimer, sabers, basket-hilts, and so on). Other swords without hand protection (for instance armswords, sideswords…), will follow Nylon longsword restrictions.

Other parts of the body:

– Cup protection for guys is a must, and highly suggested for woman. In case of chest protection is a must for women and highly recommended for men.

– Heavy jackets covering torso and arms is a must.

– Rigid protections are required for elbows, forearm and knees. When steel is involved, tibia protections are also required.

– Mouth protectors are recommended.

– Shoes must cover the whole feet.

– No skin should be visible at the time of the combat, including legs.

Please, do not hesitate to ask to MSM team if by any chance you think you might not match the equipment requirements, we will be able to help you in order to maximize the chances to see you among us!