Airrion Scott

Airrion Scott is an Italian Rapier and Sabre Fencer and Instructor out of the Mid-Atlantic Society for Historic Swordsmanship in Annapolis, Maryland. Since joining them in 2016, Airrion has judiciously followed the methodology of the club which encourages the martial study of HEMA through historically accurate techniques gleaned from the manuals and treatises, using historically accurate weapons.  Airrion’s study at MASHS has led him to become a proponent of the philosophy, “if you follow the text, you will prevail”; subsequently, he has reached the podium in tournaments in 2018 and 2019, and he counts his Gold at MSM 2018 and his Technical/Sportsman Prize at MSM 2019 as chief among his accomplishments.

Workshop description :

Experience level: intermediate to advanced
Airrion invites you to join him in exploring principles of “Proceeding with Resolution” as described in Book Two, the First Part of Salvator Fabris’ seminal work ‘Scienza d’Arme’ as translated by Tom Leoni.
Equipment required: 3 weapons fencing mask, fencing jacket rated at 350N minimum, gorget or throat protector, chest protector and protection appropriate for the participant, single rapier