Orlando Di Ciccio

Orlando Di Ciccio moved to Québec from Italy in 2016. With a solid background in kickboxing and jujitsu, he began his adventures in HEMA with Historical Archery (a discipline in which he won many national competitions) and practiced stage combat for over 10 years all around Italy with “Gruppo Storico Città di Popoli”. He started practicing German Longsword with La Compagnie Médiévale in Montreal in 2016, winning a silver medal in Open Longsword at his first tournament a few months later. In all, he attended six tournaments, winning 3 silver medals, 1 bronze medal and the honorific “Most Honourable Fencer” award.

He had the privilege of training personally with some of the great international Longsword fencers, such as Federico Dall’Olio, Anton Kohutovic, Martin Tibensky, Moreno De Ricci, Roberto Gotti and more. The objective of these trainings were always about effectiveness, and that is what his personal style is based on. He has a natural inclination for studying opponents and predicting their moves, and understanding what is the best tactical approach to a specific combat situation. Orlando has already coached successful fencers in previous events such as the Iron Gate Exhibition (USA) and Points North (Ontario)

He is open to support longsword fencers that need a coach for tactical support during a fight, and that want to improve their combat awareness all around.