Julie Olson ( Athena School of Arms )

Julie Olson is senior instructor at Athena School of Arms, teaching German Longsword of the Liechtenauer tradition. She more recently began teaching Cerri Italian Baton and Radaelli Italian Dueling Sabre, and has also dabbled in Italian Rapier, Highland Broadsword, and Dagger.

Julie has received top-5 placements at a few regional/national tournaments, as well as several Technical Excellence awards. Most recently, she placed 7th in the Longsword Triathalon at Longpoint 2019, the highest ranking female in this Open event.

She is Manager of the New England Sword Gathering, a league for U.S. Northeast HEMA clubs; and Event Director of Iron Gate Exhibition, the largest HEMA Tournament in the Northeast. Julie Olson is eager to help others reach their full HEMA potential, and is available for Longsword or Sabre coaching and technique polishing.