Jérôme Paupe ( La Compagnie Médiévale )

Jérôme Paupe started practicing HEMA at La Compagnie Médiévale in Montréal in 2007, studying Liechtenauer longsword, polearms with “Le Jeu de la Hache” and sword and Buckler according to the I.33.

He practiced armored combat with Montreal’s Dogue between 2010 and 2013, then switching focus on his longsword and sword & buckler studies. He started teaching around this time.

He started supervising sparring sessions geared towards tournaments and competition back in 2015, and keeps studying new material such as basket-hilted swords, quarterstaff, other martial arts such as Kung-Fu and always deepens his studies,

He is currently sword and buckler instructor at La Compagnie Médiévale, has won medals all over eastern Canada, and has taught at events such as Montréal Sword Meisters and Iron Gate Exhibition in the past.