Jacques Critchley ( Ottawa Swordplay )

Jacques Critchley, from Ottawa Swordplay, is renowned by his peers for the quality and historicity of his technique.

He is available to help you as a corner coach, especially if Montreal Sword Meisters is your first historical fencing tournament. An excellent resource for Longsword and Sword & Buckler, he will be able to provide you information and resources about the concepts and techniques behind these weapons, and will be able to coach you in English as well as in French.

His current favorite treatise is Jude Lew’s Das Fechtbuch, and he has worked on various interpretations of other German systems, including the German Longsword Study Guide written by Keith Farrell and Alex Bourdas.

Even though he is mainly a longsword and messer fencer, Jacques is available to help you in any category. He will help you apply the knowledge and technique you have coming in the ring, and recognize what your opponent is doing!

He has won the “Most Historical Fencer” award at Points North 2018 in Ottawa.