David Mene ( La Compagnie Médiévale )

David is a 34-year old French Canadian who started practicing HEMA in 2012 in Montreal. He began studying Fiore’s Flower of Combat longsword and Giovanni Dall’Agocchie sidesword. Following the advice of his early instructors (amongst them Benjamin Conan and Pascal Theriaut), he started to read a variety of sources and was eager to develop his technical skills at first. In 2014, he participated at Borealis Swordplay Symposium in Ottawa, where he followed several workshops and ultimately earned his first tournament experience in a tag team challenge. In 2015, he participated in his first international tournament at Paris HEMA Open in longsword and sword and dagger competition. His 4th place in sword and dagger led him to continue discovering new systems dedicated to two-handed weapons, such as Capitaine Péloquin’s sword and dagger and Manciolino sword and buckler.

In 2016, he took part in Villeneuve HEMA Tournament (France) and the IGX Tournament (USA), both in the longsword and sword and buckler categories. He then to became an instructor in sword and dagger (Péloquin system) and won his first silver medal in the mixed weapons category at the Montreal HEMA Open. In 2018, he also won a silver medal in the same category at Montréal Sword Meisters and joined la Compagnie Médiévale where he has been since then both a student and an instructor specialized in Bolognese fencing.