Airrion Scott

Airrion Scott trains at the Mid-Atlantic Society of Historical Swordsmanship in Baltimore, USA. He is recognized for the quality and precision of his swordplay : he has reached the podium in each of 8 tournaments he entered, and we are honored to have him amongst our mentors as he is the Gold Medalist of Montréal Sword Meister 2018’s Rapier category, and bronze in the mixed weapon category!

So far, 2019 has seen him rewarded with the Technical Award and a podium at Sabre at Clash of Claymores in Pennsylvania, and he coached participants to the silver medal in rapier and gold medal in longsword at Arnold HEMA Fencing Classic in Ohio.

Airrion is an avid admirer of Italian fencing systems, and studies primarily Fabris’ and Radaelli’s works.