The tournament is postponed to November 6th to November 8th, 2020. Please note that this date is not final and we will only be certain of them when life regains a semblance of normalcy. We will set them in stone as soon as we can ! As for your registration, we can hold your payment and your spot for the event or issue a refund. If you have any questions, concerns or doubts, we will gladly adress them. Please contact us through the contact page !

In 2020, after two awesome editions, we are back again for a third round of the Montreal Sword Meisters workshops and tournaments  !

Like the previous editions, la Compagnie Médiévale in Montréal will host this event during three days where historical fencers from many different places and backgrounds will find a place to meet, discuss techniques, learn from recognized instructors who prepared special workshops for the occasion, and of course compete for the title of Montreal Sword Meister in one of the five competitions.

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